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Fungai sponsored and shared her story in The Voices In The Shadow Book

Fungai was privileged to be in a room with so many amazing women in technology yesterday at the launch of TLA Black Women In Tech’s The Voices in the Shadow launch. The book has been gifted to 300 schools in the UK and Ireland, is helping to inspire future Black female leaders in the technology sector through telling the stories of 51 wonderful women in technology today, fostering future talent and inspiring them to move forward with technology as a life path choice.

“Even more of a privilege for my story to be in the book and our company @checkuphealth to be sponsoring such an important project. As an advocate for female leadership, entrepreneurship and women in technology, I would want to see more young people grow up knowing that entrepreneurship in tech is a path they can pursue and the world needs their ideas.

As the world continues to evolve, there is lots of room for female tech entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to sit at the table, build big companies creating the solutions we need.

You and I have a role to play as there are still big gaps, especially in diversity. The tech industry will continue to bring change in habits and behaviours and will create significant wealth. The absence of women entrepreneurs and especially from diverse backgrounds in the tech sector will lead to a digital world being designed for the 21st century without diverse female leadership and appropriate representation. With 60 per cent of the global GDP set to be digitized by 2022, it is critical for women entrepreneurs to get on board so there is a place for you and our boys too😊

It’s wonderful to see this book come into fruition thanks to the hard work of the Tech London Advocates, the support of organisations and all 51 women telling their stories. You can learn more, purchase this beautiful book, or download a free digital copy here” 

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