Her Giving back intiatives

Fungai donated remote health monitors

Its Trustee Fungai Ndemera is the host of Zimbabwe Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summit 2022.


  • The objectives of the Trust are to promote charitable causes, in particular, to relieve the deprived and vulnerable and advance financial, healthcare inclusion and education for the public benefit.
  • The Trust supports local community projects and other specially selected charities whose agendas are in line with our Trust.
  • Particular emphasis is placed on alleviating social hardship and deprivation. The Trust primarily supports causes within identified communities in Africa.
  • The Trust tends to favour  giving opportunities  to innovative charitable projects in financial, healthcare and education
  • The overall purpose is to bring healthcare inclusion to the last mile through affordable and quality health care supported by technology. The Trust has initiated   Medical, Educational, Social projects in Zimbabwe. ( Checkuphealth, Women4stem,100 Girls movie day.)


1) Roll out digitally-driven surgeries/ clinics

Ruwa being the first to be launched, we will roll out a number of clinics throughout Zimbabwe to address the healthcare gaps by  providing digitally-driven  primary health care and services


2) Remote health monitoring to improve life expectancy 

CheckUp health is a UK ( www.checkuphelth.co.uk) approved culturally and linguistically competent one-stop AI-driven hybrid care delivery platform combining remote monitoring in-home offering connectivity points to clinicians and professionals. Empowering the patient to take control with a secure app for personal health tracking and monitoring, medication ordering, storage of personal health records and reducing the need to see a doctor. To Date checkup health has saved more than 25000 lives in Zimbabwe through patients who use the app are supported by our Doctors at Ruwa Clinic.

It is the only ethnic-specific inclusive platform focused on reducing health inequality first launched in Zimbabwe and now in the UK. It has already won an award with innovate the UK. The recent project CheckUp Health – Saving Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Lives” 3-month feasibility study gave a foundation and we are looking to further support this patient group and work with the local research organisations to further develop modules and grow users by continuing to offer FREE  services to them which will aid further development of our AI modules.

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