Her Giving back intiatives

Fungai hosted The Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summit to support entrepreneurs

Its Trustee Fungai Ndemera is the host of Zimbabwe Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summit 2022.


  • The objectives of the Trust are to promote charitable causes, in particular, to relieve the deprived and vulnerable and advance financial, healthcare inclusion and education for the public benefit.
  • The Trust supports local community projects and other specially selected charities whose agendas are in line with our Trust.
  • Particular emphasis is placed on alleviating social hardship and deprivation. The Trust primarily supports causes within identified communities in Africa.
  • The Trust tends to favour  giving opportunities  to innovative charitable projects in financial, healthcare and education
  • The overall purpose is to bring healthcare inclusion to the last mile through affordable and quality health care supported by technology. The Trust has initiated   Medical, Educational, Social projects in Zimbabwe. ( Checkuphealth, Women4stem,100 Girls movie day.)


1) Roll out digitally-driven surgeries/ clinics

Ruwa being the first to be launched, we will roll out a number of clinics throughout Zimbabwe to address the healthcare gaps by  providing digitally-driven  primary health care and services


We want to contribute towards rebuilding the global economy, strengthening entrepreneurs and their ecosystems in a post-pandemic world from local levels.

Following the pressure, trauma and stress caused by the COVID_19 pandemic, we believe that there has never been a better time to rebuild the public than this. As a way to help alleviate poverty, we aim to train and teach our communities to take advantage of the new digital era so they become entrepreneurs who will contribute to the growth of the economy.


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