What is Core20PLUS5 and how will it help us tackle health inequalities

The NHS Inequality Improvement Teams vision, “Exceptional quality healthcare for all through equitable access, excellent experience, and optimal outcomes” is what CheckUp Health aims to make a reality. By diverting unnecessary appointments from the NHS through increased use of at-home testing and our health app’s medical records and information services. This frees up availability for those who are in need of urgent care from the NHS whilst simultaneously providing an alternative method of care for patients with emerging health concerns.


Tackling health inequalities head-on without a proper approach is not likely to net the desired results. “The Core20PLUS5 approach is being developed specifically to meet this need”, Dr Bola wrote. CheckUp Health records Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) engagement metrics for the same goal. After users have registered with a valid id, they are able to be categorised and targeted more effectively through in-app notifications, SMS or phone call.


So what is Core20PLUS5? “Core20 asks for a focus on the target population of the 20% most deprived population by the Index of Multiple Deprivation – the ‘Core 20’ of the national population” in Dr Bola’s words. These are most commonly people from BAME communities. PLUS refers to groups of people with less than average healthcare access, experiences or outcomes determined by ICS (Integrated Care Systems). Finally, the ‘5’ is referring to clinical focus points aimed at improving the service access and service provided to the groups mentioned before, all with the aim of reducing health inequalities.


“It is hoped that the Core20PLUS5 approach will support ICSs to prioritise energy, attention and resources in a way that enables the biggest possible impact.” and the promotion of health tech and health apps such as CheckUp Health to the groups mentioned before and the greater population will enable a much bigger opportunity for change. Digitizing healthcare in this way provides both new patients greater access to care while also helping existing patients with a streamlined channel to manage and better their health. 


Quotes are taken from Dr Bola’s Core20PLUS5 article on the NHS England blog. You can read more here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/help-us-to-shape-core20plus5-nhs-england-and-nhs-improvements-approach-to-tackling-health-inequalities/